Naide Hernandez

I began having interest in financial planning at a very early age. Before I had my first job at 18 years old, I was coming up with a plan of how I was going to make my first big purchase, a car. Within my first semester of college, I was successfully able to save enough to do so. As I would give advice to my fellow classmates of how I did it, that is when I decided to pursue financial planning and four years later graduated with my Bachelors in Business Administration in Finance.

Going through this experience helped me get started on a solid savings strategy. I always mention to family and friends that you can’t plan for everything that life throws your way, but you can make smart, deliberate choices which can make all the difference, that is what I try to pass onto our clients as well. I have a strong desire to help individuals, families & businesses work towards achieving their financial goals. I am always ready to listen to our clients first, before creating a financial strategy that would suit them.