Jackelinne Cuan Espinosa

Hi I’m Jackie,
Since I was a child, I showed an attitude of service, teamwork and some skills such as being orderly, creative, disciplined, managed, committed, responsible, as well as numerical ability; Thus fulfilling the profile required to be an accountant, a profession I chose, inspired by my father.
I graduated as a Public Accountant in 1995.

I first worked for the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche, in the Audit Department in 1992.

Later, in 1996, I worked in the private sector, for companies in the real estate, industrial, and commercial sectors, starting as an assistant accountant and ending up in the position of senior accountant.

I retired from work for 5 years to become a full-time mother.

After that time in 2005, I returned to practice my profession next to my husband, together we decided to dedicate ourselves to collaborate with small and medium companies, providing accounting, payroll, audit and tax services, and everything related to what each particular business needs in the accounting and financial area.

We have 15 years of being a team and working to serve!