Alejandro Delgado Cuan

I first took interest in accounting in my senior year of high school, fast forward 6 years later that interest became my passion. That passion led me to obtain my Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting at the University of North Texas at Dallas in Spring 2019 and currently a CPA candidate. Shortly after I graduated I created ADC Business Solutions alongside my family because I truly believed accounting is the language of business.

Our unique dynamic is what sets us apart from your traditional accounting firm. My focus is not to keep in compliance but to set you apart from the competition by looking forward not behind.

Traditionally accountants and tax professionals have been keeping their clients in compliance and looking at the past, not adopting new software or technologies for the fear that it might take over their job of inputting numbers but I embrace technology, instead of pushing it away.

With my 23 years of life I am looking to change the industry by providing business owner accounting solutions that are distinct and creative to maximize time, money and resources to allow business owners to focus on what matters to them the most.